Dawit Kidane

Dawit Kidane

Principal Managing Partner

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Dawit Kidane brings a unique perspective to DABLO Law Firm LLP, leveraging over 14 years of experience in both Ethiopia’s public and private sectors.

Prior to co-founding DABLO, Dawit honed his skills as an assistant judge at the federal First Instance court, presiding over a diverse range of cases. This experience laid the foundation for his deep understanding of Ethiopian law.

In 2013, Dawit transitioned to private practice, establishing a strong reputation representing corporate and individual clients across various sectors. From real estate and construction to healthcare, international trade, and entertainment, Dawit has a proven track record of success. As lead attorney, Dawit has secured victories for clients in numerous cases and argued before Ethiopian courts and arbitration tribunals.

Since February 2023, Dawit leads DABLO Law Firm LLP as its first Principal Managing Partner, applying his extensive experience to guide the firm’s growth. Dawit’s current role on the Bar exam committee of the Ethiopian Federal Bar Association further demonstrates his dedication to the legal profession.