Charites and Civil Societies

Charities & Civil Societies

Charities & Civil Societies

The firm offers trustworthy and dependable services to charities and civil societies. DABLO has an immense experience in the provision legal consultancy and advocacy services to local and international non-governmental organizations. The legal service provided covers all aspects of charities and civil society’s laws and regulations including advisory service on legal administrative compliance matters on regular and on needs basis.
  • Services
    • Helping charities and Civil Societies by rendering legal advice prior to the application process for registration.
    • Process the registration and closure of international and local charities and Civil Societies.
    • Help clients select the appropriate legal structure for a specific charitable purpose.
    • Advise on the legal framework and regulatory environment of charities and societies
    • Advising charities and civil society organizations on their legal rights and obligations.
    • Advise charities and civil society organizations on legal and administrative compliance requirements
    • Drafting and reviewing legal documents for charities and civil society organizations: documents, such as bylaws, articles of incorporation, grant agreements, contracts, and charitable trusts.
    • Assist clients in establishing and maintaining accountable internal organs for charities.
    • Help clients ensure that their budgetary use complies with the rules of the regulating organ.
    • Provide clients with legal guidance on resource mobilization and income generation activities.

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