Building Global Connections: The Value of Networking at the Alliot Global Alliance

Bruk Geremew, the managing partner, recently participated in the Alliot Global Alliance (AGA) event, marking his second significant international networking experience.
The event provided valuable insights and opportunities, particularly for Bruk as a new member of the alliance. He was given the unique platform to share the firm’s story through a Q&A session, introducing its history and goals to the international audience.
Following the session, all AGA members presented updates on legal and economic developments within their respective jurisdictions, offering Bruk valuable knowledge about diverse international legal landscapes.
Group discussions focused on law firm management and operations, providing practical tools and strategies that Bruk can apply to develop and manage his new firm.
Beyond the formal sessions, networking with fellow lawyers during social gatherings proved equally beneficial. These casual interactions allowed for discussions on challenges and solutions in a relaxed setting, fostering connections and further insights.
Overall, the event was an invaluable learning experience for Bruk, providing him with a deeper understanding of the AGA, international legal practices, and the latest legal and economic trends. This experience is crucial for the firm’s future growth and collaboration as it sets the stage for international connections and opportunities.

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