Exclusive Insights: Our Firm Managing Partner to Attend IBA Annual Conference 2023

DABLO Law Firm LLP is excited to announce the participation of our esteemed Managing Partner, Dawit Kidane, at the highly anticipated International Bar Association (IBA) Annual Conference 2023, scheduled to take place in the enchanting city of Paris throughout the months of October and November. As a prominent figure in our firm, Dawit Kidane brings a wealth of legal expertise and insight, and we are thrilled to have him represent DABLO Law Firm LLP at this prestigious global gathering of legal professionals.

If you, too, are partaking in this dynamic event and would like to engage with Dawit Kidane, discuss potential collaborations, or simply share perspectives on the evolving legal landscape, we extend a warm invitation to connect. Feel free to reach out directly to Dawit Kidane via email at dawit@dablawfirm.com to coordinate a convenient time for a meeting or casual conversation during the IBA Annual Conference.

DABLO Law Firm LLP is committed to fostering meaningful connections within the legal community, and we look forward to the opportunity to connect, share insights, and build lasting relationships at this year’s IBA Annual Conference in the picturesque city of Paris.

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