A Recap of DABLO Law Firm LLP’s Presence at the AEA XVII International Congress in Vienna

DABLO Law Firm LLP Represented at the AEA XVII International Congress in Vienna

DABLO Law Firm LLP is proud to announce that its managing partners Dawit Kidane and Bruk Geremew participated in the International Congress of the Association of European Attorneys (AEA) in Vienna, Austria, from May 25 to May 26, 2023. The theme of the congress was Marketing for Law Firms, and it featured speakers and panelists from various jurisdictions and practice areas.

Dawit Kidane, the founder and managing partner of DABLO Law Firm LLP, gave an introduction to the firm’s profile and the investment opportunities in Ethiopia. He highlighted the firm’s expertise in corporate, commercial, tax, intellectual property, and dispute resolution matters as well as the investment opportunities in Ethiopia. The presentation was well received by the audience, which included more than 300 lawyers from different countries. Many of them expressed their interest in learning more about Ethiopia and DABLO Law Firm LLP.

Dawit Kidane and Bruk Geremew also had the opportunity to network with other lawyers and potential clients during the congress. They exchanged views and experiences on various topics related to marketing for law firms, such as branding, digitalization, client relationship management, business development, and cross-border collaboration.

The participation of DABLO Law Firm LLP in the AEA International Congress was a great success and a valuable opportunity to showcase the firm’s capabilities and achievements to a global audience. It also demonstrated the firm’s commitment to providing high-quality legal services to its clients across different jurisdictions and practice areas. DABLO Law Firm LLP looks forward to strengthening its ties with the AEA and its members, and to exploring new opportunities for cooperation and growth in the future.

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